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The Gatekeeper Deb Sanders

The Gatekeeper

Deb Sanders

Kindle Edition
157 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The GATEKEEPER is a category length Contemporary Fantasy with strong sexual content.Book 1 - The GATEKEEPER - Clans of Tagus seriesTheres nothing normal about tough girl, Kylie Baker. She suffers demonic dreams she cant explain, is befriended by a telepathic dog who knows more about her past than she does, and cant shake a sexy cowboy who refuses to take no as an answer.But when the owner of a Harley Davidson shop where she works is blackmailed into giving her a pink slip, and the attorney responsible for her childhood relocation from one foster home to another is murdered, Kylie realizes things are fast-tracking from bad to worse. Who is manipulating her life? And why?Strange markings appear on her skin and dreams blur the line between reality and vision, forcing Kylie to re-examine her murky past. Only one person can explain what the odd phenomena . . . the mother she believed was dead. Armed with her instincts and a strange amulet, Kylie embarks on a quest to learn the truth.What she discovers is even more disturbing. Kylie is destined to become the Gatekeeper, guardian of a portal between two worlds . . . and the only one who can stop an imminent attack by a Tagusian warlord. Worse than that, shes a hybrid with ties to both sides. The bizarre proclamation leaves her angry, hurt, confused - and feeling more alone than ever. But when people she cares about are threatened, Kylie knows she must form an allegiance. Unfortunately, each choice bears serious consequence.Whats a girl to do?