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The Long View Elizabeth Jane Howard

The Long View

Elizabeth Jane Howard

Published 1956
320 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Long View, by Elizabeth Jane Howard, narrated by Mary Wimbush, produced by BBC-WW, downloaded from audible.comThe main story is about a couple, Antonia and Conrad. It begins around 1950. This is the contemporary version of their marriage, basically a loveless marriage in which Antonia spent her life trying, and failing, to please Conrad, who married her because he thought he would have the pleasure of shaping her adult life. They have two children, both of whom have unsatisfactory love lives. Both of them have had affairs. The first part of the book leaves us wondering why Antonia puts up with Conrad. The second part of the book deals with when Antonia met Conrad, in the late 1930’s, and how he wanted to shape her every activity. She knew he treated her like a child, but she let him. We see why in the next part of the book which takes us to Antonia as a teenager. This is a book in which Antonia is unfortunate to meet only men who consider women trivial, if they don’t actually hate them and with a devastating mother to boot. It’s an interesting book, and Mary Wimbush, whose narrations I’ve not heard before, did a wonderful job with the different voices.